Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tubechop, the time saver

Have you had one of those lessons where you had a fifteen minute YouTube video and only needed a small, three minute clip to share?

I have been introduced to a cool site that quickly chops your video and lets you share it with students.  (I think it will be effective for those videos where the psychos are trying to insert inappropriate things into educational videos.) 

Here's how it works:  Find the YouTube video you intend to share with the kids. (Don't forget to check for creative commons and sharing rights), go to the tubechop website and insert the link to the video you want to clip. Press search, the video shows up and you select the parts you want.  Click the chop button and you see a series of links, and methods to share.  It's that simple. 

I have found a lot of great videos to use in my classroom but often I don't show them because I hate buffering, searching and waiting. With this, I just clip the part I want and voilà the video is ready to go.  I can share it via social media, embed it into my website or add it to Edmodo.  The kids can watch the clip several times if they need to, which is good for some kids.

Check tubechop out.  It is easy to use and makes some of the things we need done get done faster. 

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