Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Getting kids involved: Trailers and Talks

I took over the school library in 2010.  For as long as I can remember, and even into my time as the librarian, kids would come in, get a book and leave.  The library was not a place where they wanted to spend their time.  I am not sure why that has been the norm, but it is my goal to make that idea change for the better.

I decided to offer my students some challenges this year.  Ways to get them in, get them reading and get them involved.  We opened our coffee shop last year with the intent of buying books and supplies that our usual budget can't cover.  I decided this summer when one of the teachers asked me about making videos and PSAs for digital citizenship that I would take those funds and buy a few hand held video cameras.  I am going to challenge students to do book talks and trailers!

I have the space for them to work, I have the books and I have the knowledge to explain how to do it. We even have a YouTube channel for our school where I can post their work. (Of course, I will refer to the appropriate documents to assure they can be published online.)  I have some prizes to offer for completing the tasks. (A colleague of mine donated a case of ARC that I use for prizes.  And, I have other goodies I have collected over the years that kids like.) I will give them more opportunities for prizes if they use Indiana State nominees as topics for their trailers. (I decided early on to have a drawing for them to read the books and vote so I could get more kids involved with the process.)

I am hoping with all of the different things I have implemented and the changes I have made, my school library will become the school center and kids will gravitate there.

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