Friday, September 20, 2013

My Tech Life

I often get asked at school how I manage to do so many tech things with my time.  I tweet, Facebook, Pin, text, blog and manage to read a few books PLUS, be a full time mom.  My answer is simple:  Prioritize.  I spend only a little bit of time each day doing the tech stuff.  I have to have time for me. (Afterall, I have to be able to play Ruzzle and Candy Crush a little bit!)

A colleague once said she spends 10 minutes a day on twitter and that is all.  She schedules posts and tweets and also prewrites her blog.  That got me thinking.  I need to focus my time the same way.

On a daily basis, I spend a little time on twitter, unless there is an chat I am interested in attending, I merely look and scan for about ten minutes.  If I strike a conversation, I stay on longer.  If I come across a link on twitter that I want for later, for my blog or to use in class, I retweet it and add it to my pocket.  It will be there when I need it.

I also do the same on Pinterest.  I admit, it can be addicting, so I only spend a few minutes each day looking while I watch TV at night.  Sometimes, I skip Pinterest. (Makes me look like less of an addict that way.)

As for my blog, I work ahead.  Blogger is WONDERFUL because I can schedule and organize ahead.  I use my google calendar, plan and decide what I am doing and then preschedule my blogs. If I have a day when I have nothing planned, I type my posts.   If I find I am running behind on my posts, I use the archives and repost articles from the past.

Checking out tech stuff???  Well, I do that a lot while the kids are at the pool.  You see, both of my kids swim competitively and when I am not subbing in as an assistant coach, I check out tech stuff.   I sometimes take the laptop, sometimes stay at home, depends on the day. I refer to my Pocket or Diigo account and look over what I have saved and investigate, sample, check out.  Then I take some notes and keep track. If I think it will help my teachers, I add it to my Tech Tuesday one note file and voila, I am done.  I get ahead a lot this way.

I also started listening to audio books.  That has helped me stay in the game with books and manage the tech. I don't overdo the technology, but, sometimes, with grading, being a mom and needing a rest, I don't have time to sit and focus on a book.  Audio books allow me to be Suzy Homemaker and still listen to a great read.

Yes, I am a little crazy. Yes, I am a geek.  Yes, I manage my time well because I don't let the tech take over my life.  I put limits on what I do.  This is how I do it.... plus, I think I have ADHD :)

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