Friday, March 21, 2014

HELP a small school out.

Hamilton Schools, one of the smallest in the state, is the only school in Indiana that is enrolled in the Follett Challenge, a grant that can award our library up to $60K for materials, tech, renovation, etc.   
Our school district has only 400 kids and some of the districts we are competing against have thousands.  It is hard for us to be able to accomplish a lot while being so small, so, I am not one to typically ask, but, if we could get some of our other Hoosier Schools and others around the nation to help us, we could perhaps earn the votes we need to boost up to the top.   Spread the word...we need to renovate our library to be handicapped accessible and safer for our kids.  We have no funds to do it alone.
If you could take a few minutes, copy and paste this link or click here Our Follett Challenge Link and click vote by email, you will receive a pin in just a few seconds, put it in the box, submit, and voila, we have a vote.  We need to get about 5000 more votes to stand a chance.  YOU CAN VOTE DAILY! Any help is appreciated! 

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