Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My PLN to the rescue

For the last three weeks, my library has been trying to win a contest through Follett learning company.  Last week, I decided to tap into the powers of my PLN and see if I could get some more votes.  I had no idea how much impact that could have on what I was doing.  My PLN has totally come to the rescue.  Though I don't suspect we will win, my PLN has helped us move from the last page of the rankings to the top of the third page.   I couldn't have done it without them.

I never realized how many people I can impact with just a quick message.  I posted a comment on the Indiana Learning Connections site, which is the state of Indiana's list-serv.  It took off.  I gained over 500 votes in one day.  For a small school of my size, that is huge.  I continued to use social media sites to add more votes.  I posted something on twitter, Facebook and google +.  Then, it all started rolling.  I had retweets, personal messages and comments.  It was amazing.

My point is this, a PLN can be a lifesaver for anything you do.  If you are a hesitant teacher and haven't started establishing a PLN, do it.  Join the millions of other educators who have interests similar to yours, you will not be disappointed.

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