Thursday, July 19, 2012

Using in the classroom or other ways

I am new to the idea of allowing kids to use cell phones in school. I agree with it 100% if the purpose is valid and I have an administrator who has also indicated it is a good idea if it is monitored and used effectively in the classroom, but the question remains- how can it be used effectively?

I attended a webinar recently on the website simplek12 and I learned som ideas about using phones in class- one website mentioned was I immediately established an account and created a cell for my school library. I decided what have I got to lose? It may be an additional way to inform student patrons about programs, contests and hot new releases. I also talked to my corporation about establishing a cell to do instant messaging to families in the event of a weather issue, a change in schedule or even to update lunch menus if they are changing. It is a free program and the overall concept is simple.

I am going to use it in my class to do quick starts and exit slips. One thing I liked about is the capability of changing the replies. Some of the cell programs I have looked at do not allow the recipient to reply to the sender but with this program, you can set it up for an anonymous response.

There are so many concerns regarding teachers and student connecting via text and social media. Through, it can be done 100% anonymously from the teacher standpoint. You can even set it up so students have to input their name but you never see their number. Talk about instant feedback.

I am certain that I can use this program with success in my class. I am going to spend more time dabbling in the technology and will probably find even more ways to use it as I explore.

If you are in a district where technology is open and cell use is permitted, take a look at

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