Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Scoop.it to develop magazines

I came across scoop.it by accident.  Someone I follow on twitter had posted something through scoop.it.  I was immediately drawn to the site and the many possibilities it could provide my classroom.

Scoop.it allows users to catch or curate articles from the web and make them into a magazine format.  What an awesome tool to use in the classroom. The program has a button to put on the toolbar to catch websites you want to keep.

I started using it to assemble blog posts about topics I am interested in learning more about.  I plan to use it in the classroom as a way of providing my students additional reading materials in French.

With several of the new policies in Indiana requiring students to read informational texts and requiring so many minutes of instruction.  If a teacher finds reading materials that are reading level appropriate enough for their class, they could be curated into a magazine for their students.

I would like to use it as well to assemble information about books I want kids to look into at the library. Maybe use it as a reference tool to locate information about authors.  So many of them have blogs or websites.  The curation tool could assemble the blogs together so students can refer to them, or so library staff can refer to them as well.

Whatever your purpose, I can see scoop.it being used for several educational opportunities.

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