Thursday, June 26, 2014

Recording Lessons for a Flipped Environment

If you are a teacher currently looking at the Flipped model or using it, I had an aha moment today I have to share with you.  My French students were learning verb families today.  I have tried several different things to show them the notes on the screen.   I have used paper, a doc camera and projector.  I have used the laptop and connected it to the television.  I am finding that not all of these methods give me the chance to record and show again so kids can go back and relearn if they didn't get it.  Mind you, verb families are easy, but there is an occasional student who needs to see the step by step.
I have an iPad so I used an app called show me. (P.S. it's not my favorite. I was in experiment mode. Show me only allows one page per session. I can't write that small.) I think I will use educreations in the future. As I go back to my story, I linked my iPad to the television with a vga cord.  I wrote right on the device and my notes were there. My aha moment came when  I decided after the fact that I can record that lesson with the program and share it with the kids. Perfect start of a flipped class.
In the future I will be using these apps and recording my lessons as I teach them. I think the kids will really appreciate the availability of the tutorials later.

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