Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The importance of PD in technology

I have spent a lot of my summer in conference mode.  I have done some online lessons, some free conferences and also some national ones.  All of them have stressed the need for professional development to make a 1:1 program a success. I decided to dive into it myself.

Starting this year, I will be offering a 15-20 minute web 2.0 lesson each Tuesday.  Teachers can come and go as they please, attend or skip if they wish.  My goal is to see everyone at least once and that everyone tries one of the tools, even just for a lesson.  If we build this into the weekly routine, maybe our students and staff will embrace the technology.   There are so many tools out there that can be used in the classroom.  Some can be for the teacher afraid of tech and some can be for the tech vet.  No matter what the tools, there is something for everyone.

We went 1:1 two years ago.  We had a few summer PDs where there was an info overload.  We were shown a hundred tools at a mile a minute and for many, that was way too much.  We have taken some baby steps, some have climbed in the shallow end and done a little wading and some have jumped right into the deep end and started going to town. I am proud of our teachers for doing what they can to embrace this change, it's hard.

My goal is that the 1:1 program will flourish this year and I am hoping my Tech Tuesdays with little bits of info at a time will help guide that growth.

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