Friday, November 8, 2013

One of my daughter's teachers showed us an assignment she was working on but the entire assignment was started with a QR code.  The kids were scanning the code with their iPods and it was opening a PDF file that had their task. I was really intrigued by the whole process so I asked her teacher to share with me how it was being done.

She told me they were using a program called Tagmydoc.  It generates a QR code and a PDF for the file and opens it on the device you are using. It is designed to save paper.  One can create a free account and have up to 50 tags open at once.  There is also a way to earn 10 more free tags by completing a few tasks. It's a very simple program to use, merely create an account and upload documents. After it's uploaded, you can download the document or just the tag.  The document can come from the computer or from your google drive.

As a school librarian, I am highly considering using this program for a marketing tool.  I made a google presentation about the state award books.   I am thinking I could make a tag for the presentation and post it near the books so kids can see about them.  I am also thinking that when I have monthly themes, I will get a few reviews for some of the titles and make a tag kids can access to learn more about the book.

I uploaded our student broken computer report form and made a tag for it.  It was simple and fast.  I can stick it on the wall and kids can scan it and have their form filled out before they come to me. Easy.

I think a classroom teacher who is attempting to go paperless will find a lot of use with this.  Fifty tags that can regenerate when a file is removed can make things work well for anyone.

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