Tuesday, January 7, 2014

My new years resolutions

I think it was an edutopia article that talked about becoming connected and things every teacher could do to be tech savvy. I felt that article really hit close to home. I work in a small district where few people have embraced our 1:1 program. I think part of the reason is because the coaching side of things isn't present. I decided as I reflected on the last two years of being 1:1, there are a few personal resolutions I need to make to make 1:1 possibly be a success.
1) Data collection/staff technology survey I came across a matrix a school corporation developed based on SAMR (another resolution I need to master) and the tech coaches required all teachers take the survey to find out exactly where they stand on technology. The results were astounding. It helped plan how tech coaches approached teachers. It also led to a lot of discussion with administration about professional development needs, evaluation and funding.
2) Roam the school offering my services. I think part of the improvement in 1:1 can happen if I make myself available to the teachers. Maybe if I stop in rooms and ask them for a needs assessment I can prove to them that I am there to help and that a 1:1 program isn't a bad thing.
3) Keep experimenting with tech tools. I need to spend a little time trying tools to see what can be done with them. Not all tools are good and some teachers may not realize that. They may try something new if there is proof that it's easy and will work for them.
4) Keep blogging. I set a goal last year to blog twice a week. I have managed that well, I think. I am going to keep at it and share my experiences.
I hope my drive and ambition will continue and I can keep my resolutions going.

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