Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Zondle as a review tool

One of my teachers has truly embraced the technology at our school and has brought me some great ideas.  One of them is zondle.  I had never heard of zondle, but when she showed me what it is and what it can do, I was really excited about the ways a classroom teacher could use it.

Once you create a free account (and you can also update to a premium, but the free has a lot to offer), you get a long list of things you can work with.  You can create classes, add users and monitor your students.

Some of the things I like about it:
1.  Sharing components-  You can create content and share it with staff members in your school. Why do the work twice?
2.  Teaching mode and playing mode-  You can use it to both introduce the material as well as review it for "zollars" (Zondle points)
3.  It's mobile!  You don't have to use just a computer.

There is so much more about this, it's worth dabbling into to see what you can do with it in your classroom.

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