Friday, July 3, 2015

Looking for cloud storage? Try Otixo

I am sure that many of my readers are a lot like me, cloud storage junkies.  I have accounts in seven or eight different places to store my data and documents.  As some of my past posts have mentioned, I use a lot of different places:  Dropbox, Box, Drive, OneDrive, just to name a few.

A discussion at one of my tech counsel meetings resulted in me learning about a place that unites all of your cloud storage into one easy spot.  It's Otixo.  Otixo has several versions, a free one with a limited amount of capabilities and a paid version that allows more file transfers at once.
I am still getting to know the site, but, I have found that you can link personal and professional cloud drives together (if you are logged in to the right one when you do the initial setup.)  This is perfect for me because sometimes, I have documents on one that I need on the other. Since each of my accounts has different amounts of space, I often have two.  

One cool component, the app.  There is a version of this available for all devices: Windows, IOS, Android.  It seems very easy to use and the fact that it is so mobile makes me really like it.  I love how simple it is to maintain and how much you can see.  I also like that it doesn't just do file storage, like PDF and DOC but, it also works with image storing platforms like Picasa and Flickr.  

I think this is a fantastic place for the cloud storage junkies like me to visit.  I suspect you will find a lot of use in a site like Otixo.

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