Friday, September 4, 2015

Padlet in the Classroom and Library

At many of our staff development meetings this year, we have been exposed to several tips and tools to use in our classrooms.   One of the concepts we have looked at is Padlet.  I have talked about Padlet before and how I have used it in my French classroom to organize, but I got some more ideas from our tech coach about ways to use it and I have some thoughts for use in the library.

Since the library gets to be my main focus this school year, I am going to make some attempts to do more programming.  One of the main goals I have is to start a book club.  This is where Padlet comes in.   I was able to create a Padlet board asking kids for input about what they would want to see as a book club book.   That gives me an idea of students who are interested as well as the title they want to focus on first.

Padlet is very simple to use, it's free and it's customizable.  The link you have can be kept private and only accessed by people who receive it.  I sent the link to all of the students in my school from the library email and explained what the plan was.  I had a few who went to the site and posted their comments.

It's awesome and it's free. It's a great tool to incorporate into the classroom.

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