Friday, January 22, 2016

It's been awhile: Digital Citizenship Lessons for Free

I just realized as I was doing my new releases post for the library that I haven't posted on my blog for ages, about 4 months!  Time sure does fly!   I think this is the perfect time to talk about a program I discovered and have been using for my Library Media class:  A free digital citizenship program from Common Sense Media.

I was assigned two Library Media classes this semester and was looking for an engaging program to use with the kids to make them appreciate copyright and ownership of things.  I also wanted them to acknowledge internet safety.   My students are mostly Sophomores and older, but they still are in a "That won't happen to me" mindset.   I wanted them to think before they post and focus on their digital footprint.

The Common Sense program is very customizable.   You can do the entire scope and sequence or just pick and choose lessons.  Most of the lessons last a day so we can cover a lot, but there is a good deal of reinforcement and recall because many of the lessons recycle vocabulary.  I am finding the kids are engaged, despite who they are.  The sequences have a short video clip (typically no more than 3 minutes.)  The program has led to a lot of discussion and it has been flexible enough that I can add or subtract parts on my own.

I am very impressed by the ease of use and the flexibility of the program and I am going to continue using it for my classes.

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