Friday, September 23, 2016

Free online teleprompter tool

Being a former foreign language teacher and a current media teacher, I have often had my students do projects where they record themselves.  Usually, it is difficult for them to do their recordings and have a paper in front of them as a cue or a prompt.   While sometimes, we want them to be impromptu, often, a script is a component we want them to use.  I found a free site that allows you to insert your script and it converts it to a teleprompter so students can be more natural when they present.   It could also be used as a cue for teachers when they do a lesson or a training as well.

The site is called Cueprompter and it's a simple, free way to make your video have a more natural presentation.

Once you embed your document into the white box, you press start prompt.  It opens a new window or tab with a black screen (of course, one can choose the background/ text color).   It also has the option of adjusting speed.   Press forward as soon as you are ready to play and it will start your teleprompt!

I think I will encourage my students to use it for their book talk recordings as well as maybe a lesson they will do for digital citizenship.  I think it will make their presentations more natural and we will be able to see their face and not the top of the head that one gets when they look down at a paper over and over for reference.

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