Friday, December 16, 2016

Curating the web with Bag the Web

Through the years, I have spent a lot of time saving links and articles in various places to refer to at a later date.   It always seems as if I am very busy and I fall behind and having these available gives me a chance to stop back later to check things out. I love curation sites.  I took a webinar at the beginning of the school year and the presenter was raving about a site called Bag the Web.  I, being an investigator, had to check it out.

I discovered a few things:  First of all, it is very easy to follow.  You don't have to have previous knowledge to use the site, you just create a bag and then add links or dividers to the bag.  (A bag is your hub, per se, where you can store the links together that relate to a topic.) 

I thought a lot about using this to put links about specific books for the library.  Maybe make bags about genre.   The problem, our school filter blocked the site for teachers as well as students and I had to have it unblocked.  Make sure your school's filter lets it through.

This is a great tool to sort content specific links or to make lists for kids to use for projects and papers.  It allows the teacher to have more control over what students are looking at.  It's a great tool for the classroom.  I think it will help kids not just google the sources, but use links and pages that the teacher has evaluated it. 

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