Friday, February 10, 2017

Using ReCap for exit and entrance tickets

Lately, my staff professional development has been focused on differentiated instruction and tools we can use in the classroom to check for understanding. There have been lists and lists of tools presented to the staff and being that I am quite a tech person, I decided to check a few of them out.  One of them was incredibly interesting to me because of the method of submission.   Recap  allows kids to record their response instead of doing it written.  It gives teachers a chance to see facial expressions, hear vocal reactions and get kids who struggle writing a chance to talk.  It is simple to use as well.

First, create an account and use Google+ as the method of logging in. Once in, create classes and then create recaps.  They can be simple and quick.  It doesn't take much time.  After the recap is done, assign it to the class and let the kids do the rest.  This is a fantastic idea for a foreign language teacher because kids can do a quick response for the teacher.   Sometimes, kids are afraid to speak in public, but knowing that only the teacher will hear them can put them at ease for sure.  

I like this program, a lot.  It's free, which makes it even better.  I highly recommend it as a tool for checks for understanding or even for a quick response in a foreign language.  It's easy to get started.

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