Friday, November 9, 2012

CLEAR RIA tools: Revisions

Do you have your students do writing assignments in the target language you teach or in English, Social Studies, Science etc?  MSU CLEAR has established a tool that allows students to peer edit online.  The cool thing about the program, it also allows kids to record audio and add it to the file.  I spent a little time experimenting with it to see how I can use it in my class and I already have a few projects in mind.

First off, you have to have a CLEAR account.  You open Revisions and create classes. (Don't worry, there is a series of mini tutorials to help you get started.)  Invite your students to the classes.  They join, you add them and they accept the class.  From here on, you get to work.

There are tabs available for each class and here, you add assignments.  I decided to do a short writing assignment and sample the program.  It's awesome.  Each student can type/ record their thing and then they can edit each other's work.  The teacher can see a revision list with who does what.  It is easy.  I have used one note before and this program reminds me a little of one note, but, I think the teacher has more control of the actual outcome.

I tried using it a little last year and had my students work with poetry.  They translated a piece and then read it aloud onto the computer.  It was easy to do and to grade.  I recommend it to anyone.


  1. Hi,
    I teach Spanish at GWU and I have tried to use Revisions, but there is no way to put Spanish accents. Do you know how to do thisÇ
    Thank you¡


  2. Maria,
    I was able to add accents using the number pad and the alt key. For example: alt + 0231 makes the ç letter. etc. I would play around on a word document and see what the codes are. It took me a bit but I memorized the keypad codes. I also wonder if you typed it in word and added accents you could copy and paste it into the revisions document? Best of luck!


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