Friday, November 30, 2012

Using to brainstorm in class

I came across an article from edudemic with a list of 35 web 2.0 tools that are the best for the classroom.  I was really intrigued about as one of those tools.  I had to check it out.  The reason, because our district has talked about paying to get Inspiration for one of our teachers (or installing the old version we have from seven years ago on the student devices. Before spending all of that time, I decided I best check it out to save hours.

It is very simple to use. You create an account (takes about thirty seconds) and press the start brainstorming button in the middle of a large space. Start filling in your information.

You can add new sheets to continue your brainstorming process. I think the reason this was picked is because it is so simple to use.  It is easy to share with others, it is easy to export and import lists.  The format for adding additional pages reminds me a little of excel, adding tabs.  These are, however at the top instead of the bottom.

As you save your lists, it adds them to the sidebar.  It allows you to refer to them again later.  I can see this as a great tool for research papers, for short stories, for poetry assignments, for yearbook or even for French class.  It could even be a way to organize that great first novel.

If students share the sheet they build with the teacher, there could be a potential for grading.  Kids could really benefit from using this program for organizing.  I think that is one skill kids lack is organizing.  This is a way to teach them how to organize their work.  I suggest if you have a task for students to complete that involves using organizing and brainstorming, look at this site.

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