Tuesday, December 4, 2012

A followup to Simplemeet.me

Several months ago, I wrote a post about Simplemeet.me as a way to have a private chat room in a classroom.  I hadn't used it yet with my classes, so I decided I would do a quick followup post about it because it has become a very well liked tool in my classroom.

I introduced it to my French three class about a month into the school year.  We had just completed the imperfect tense review and I needed a way to practice the grammar and do more vocab expansion.  We started it up.  The kids loved it.  They were quick to join, quick to get excited.  I started out asking questions in the tenses and the girls were immediate to respond.  I noticed instantly extra vocab words popping up, self correction as well as peer correction and I noticed them trying to expand their grammar by asking me different questions about things outside what they know.

The girls beg me often to do simple meet.  We did it with other grammar points and I found it to be one of the better forms of review. I am very impressed by how effective it has been in my classroom.

I have had a few glitches with technology, occasional kick offs, a few times the kids are logged in as two different people. After all is said and done, however, they are benefiting from the tool.  I think this is one of the better tools I have come across and I am certain I will use it a lot more often in my classes.

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