Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Suggestions for 1:1 End of Year

Wow... all I can say about the end of the year is WOW and I can never be prepared for it.  We are a 1:1 school, and for those of you considering becoming one, let me share with you some things I have learned to make the collection process better.

First of all, we started with bar code labels on our devices and relying on those to tag the device.  BAD IDEA... buy silver sharpies and identify the device in several places, on the bottom, on the top by the keyboard and under the battery. The regular wear and tear does not hold the labels on and kids pick at labels.

Secondly, take the time to inspect every device.  When kids bring it back, have them turn it on and show you there are no cracks and issues with the screen.  Last year, we had about 15 devices come back the last day with cracks and broken screens.  The kids weren't available to tell us in detail how and why they broke.  Now, we got smarter.  We developed a very detailed form that identifies the problem with the device (could be as simple as a missing key or as bad as a crushed screen).  This form is stored with the device.  We check them all, make them fill out the form and the meet with an administrator as soon as available to discuss the issue. This form has helped us determine the dedictible.  We have discovered kids and families are pretty good about paying the fees as well.

Third, sort everything.  We have a broken keyboard table, a fine device table, a table for insurance.  When devices come in, they are sorted immediately so our tech people can just grab and go.  The keyboards are easy to fix, so the tech guys work on those when they have a chance. We fill out a form for any lost cord and it is sent to the administration and a bill is sent to families. I also add that as a fine in the library management system so everyone on staff is aware.

Finally, label everything.  Kids lose chargers.  So, after a year of kids coming in without a charger or with broken parts, we decided every part is an asset and will be included in the catalog.  I may have a slew of extra items in the collection, but, kids are held accountable based on their numbers and it works.

These ideas worked for us, perhaps something here can help another district going 1:1.

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