Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why I love Google Chrome

My family and I used to use Firefox as our primary browser, but we encountered some issues with playing games and videos.  Even with flash, nothing cooperated, so we decided to download Chrome and use that as our browser and we will never go back.  (Except with my library software... not sure why, but Chrome doesn't like Follett as well.)

The Chrome platform is very customizable, which I like. You can log in to your browser and your tabs and links can go with you.  You can also open multi browsers for different users.  It also has the capabilities of personalizing the theme.

One component I absolutely tickled pink about is the apps!  It is wonderful to be able to have instant access to the sites I use often.   Adding them is easy- Click on the chrome store and it opens a place to gets a slew of apps to add.   It is so nice to just click and not have to type.   

There are also extenstions you can add to your browser.  As you work, you can click the necessary things and voila, task completed. I have added bit.ly, scoop.it, pocket, and picmonkey.  I have just gotten started.  I anticipate adding more extentions and apps after I investigate what is out there.  (Gotta have a little summer time to experiment.)

The downside, our school filters content and if a student has logged into Chrome to go between devices, the filters shut off and kids can get to things they aren't supposed to get to.  Youtube, for example works on Chrome and no other platform.  (*If anyone knows how to fix that without making Chrome blocked, we would like to hear from you.)

I also like how the bookmarks can be right on the toolbar.  Nice way to go fast somewhere.  Google Chrome has made things easier for me to do.   I like it a lot.

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