Friday, September 13, 2013

Handling subscriptions

It seems like my Inbox is getting fuller and fuller of emails from different companies offering things, different programs and lessons.  It is crazy how much stuff we accumulate.  I started an address book to organize all of my subscriptions that relate to edtech, but, sometimes, I get this bombardment of emails from different services.   It would take me hours and maybe days to unsubscribe from everything out there.

I ended up creating a listserv email where I have my subscriptions sent.  But, often, I find I have a subscription to something I don't need or want, or that I have subscribed to a web 2.0 tool to experiment and realize it isn't for me.

I came across a link in my twitter feed the other day that caught my eye-- Just delete me.  It is a directory of links to delete your subscriptions. I looked it over and there is a ton of options there to help unsubscribe from the mass number of lists and websites.   The page offers information about difficulty of unsubscribing as well, which might benefit you because, if you are like me, spending 20 minutes to delete a subscription isn't worth it.  I will just delete the email, it's faster. 

I am going to start looking through it and deleting things I know I never use.   I am sure if you look at it, something will strike your fancy as well. 

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