Friday, September 6, 2013

Implementing Tech Tuesdays

I decided my annual Professional Development goal was to start implementing a voluntary tech training for teachers each week to show them tools that can benefit their classrooms.  We are a 1:1 school, but often our teachers are leery about using the technology beyond just typing papers because they aren't well trained to utilize more.

I started my blog hoping they would read from time to time and find interest in something I talk about.  I also started some different bookmarks for them and an edtech edmodo page just for our staff.  I still hear from kids, however, that not all of their teachers use the computers.  This is a reason for concern.  I thought that perhaps doing  Tech Tuesday and sharing a simple tool at their own accord would be a better way to get some PD out there and also let them realize how simple it is to use technology in their classroom.  Every single teacher in a 1:1 school can find at least one tool to use that benefits kids. That is my goal with the Tech Tuesdays.

Here is what I decided to do.  We are a multi device school.  Lower grades use iPads and the upper grades use computers.  I needed to find tools to share that potentially could be used for both devices. I spent time looking at my pocket, my and my Diigo and started checking out the different tweets I have favorited from some of the connected educators in my PLN.  I considered for a bit the tools that would best suit people from the beginning of the year and things that could be tossed in midway.  

I chose Edmodo as my premier training.  It's easy, crosses both devices and can be used by everyone.  I moved through my list and got the entire first semester planned.  I even cleared it with my superintendent to offer 1 PGP point for every three trainings. (I anticipate them only lasting 15-20 minutes because people aren't going to want to spend their entire prep period.  They are more than likely going to want to take the training and then spend a little time familiarizing themselves with it.

I am hoping that this attempt to train teachers to use tools will be a positive experience for everyone involved.  I am excited to see how many people take note and try new things! 

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