Tuesday, October 16, 2012

How Quizlet is helping my students

So, are you a classroom teacher with a content area that requires a lot of vocabulary? Looking for a way to get your kids to review and be a little more successful with their information?  Take a look at this:  Quizlet

Last school year, one of my French one kids came in and said "Mrs. Wells, I have found this awesome site and it helped me study for the test we took today." (She had the highest score, by the way.)  So, I plugged her laptop into my projector and showed it to everyone.  I was hooked. 

Quizlet is a flashcard/ game/ testing/ review site where kids and teachers and go and study ANYTHING, yes, ANYTHING.  It even has obscure foreign languages on it.  I am using it a lot with my students, especially my French one kids.  I am requiring them to use it in class as a review for unit tests, quizzes and vocabulary assignments.   I have been fortunate enough to not re-invent the wheel.  Someone else already inserted the necessary cards for my textbooks so I just copied them to my account and shared them with my kids.

I like Quizlet because it is really user-friendly and it offers lots of different options for the kids.  It offers a visual version of a word as well as an audio version.  It hits a lot of the senses.  It also has the option of uploading an image for each word. (That could easily be a summer project) Or, have the kids work on that.  I was thinking if all of my students made a quizlet account, they could each make a set of cards and add the images to them and we share them.  Saves a lot of time for the teacher, but, helps the kids learn even more.

After the students review the flashcards, they can then play a few matching games and do a quiz/ test.  I even had my students take the test before the actual written component of a unit test to see how they did.  It truly could help students assess their learning and decide what components on which they need to spend more time.

I recommend looking at the site.  There are so many ways kids can review.

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