Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Voicethread: FL outside of the box

I introduced my French three and four students to Voicethread last week.  In case you are unfamiliar, a voicethread is a visual/ audio slideshow.  You insert media and tag it with comments or audio clips.  It can be shared and edited and modified by others.  It is a fantastic way to present an oral presentation, especially if the students are a little nervous about talking in public.

We decided to do a different sort of speaking activity.  The girls made a story on their threads and placed images relating to their piece and recorded themselves talking.  They are having a lot of fun doing the project and it's something different.  I started brainstorming some other potential ideas.

My French One class is lacking in speaking activities.  They tend to be the same ole same ole, so I decided their oral exam for the unit would be in the form of a voicethread.  They inserted images of family members and started telling me all about them.  They shared their pieces with me and I was able to go in and edit or comment back.  I can even ask them questions!  What a great way to be interactive with them.

We also have new penpals from France.  The kids are going to do some sort of presentation to their new friends with a voicethread and their friends will be able to comment back to them.  My intent is to make a fantastic interactive interview. 

What about those History teachers out there?  Students could use a voicethread to make an interactive oral history report.  Voicethread allows a phone call to record the information.  Why not have students assemble the threads and then call in the interview?  Perfect way to learn about history.

I am certainly going to do more interactive projects and toss in Voicethreads from time to time.  My kids will enjoy something different and I will also benefit from a different format of assessment and review. 

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