Friday, March 22, 2013

PBWorks for class collaboration

For one of our PDs last year, I asked our trainer to share with us a site called PBWorks.  He did and now, I am in the process of using it for the media center to establish a collaborative site where we could do something with book clubs.   I have been too busy to do a lot with it, but the time has come to start looking at it again.
The site is set up almost like a moodle but not needing a host server to use.  It's a free site as well. You create a workspace in your account and from there you can add a lot of different tools:  syllabi, files, pages, etc.   The site has a lot of potential for the classroom as well as for the media center.   I can see it being used as a group wiki space for PBL projects.  

Since my focus next year is going to be more PBL based, I am thinking I will rely on PBWorks a lot next year to get my students communicating with each other and doing more useful tasks.  

I am also going to set up a workspace for the Media Center. I would love to start doing some online book chats, some informative tip sheets and maybe even a place for recommendations.   I can't wait to get started.  I think this will be a very useful tool for my students. 

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