Friday, March 15, 2013

What I am doing about library layout: Part One

As many of my readers know, I have been in the process of genrefying the library and doing away with Dewey as an order of organizing.  One other thing I have been working toward is a layout of the library that accomodates the kids and also invites them to the media center.   When I took over the library in 2010, it was dark and unwelcoming.  Shelving was blocking views and there was nowhere for kids to sit and relax.  We had a very tight shelving space and a lot of outdated books.   I took charge immediately and decided I needed to make the library a welcoming place.  We had a huge card cataloging system from the 80s that had to go.  I had a little help, grabbed a sawzall and cut it apart.  (It wasn't very fantastic for those of you gasping at the thought of using a sawzall on a cabinent. It was particle board and laminate... ugly laminate.  It matched my shelving... which is not very desireable.) This left me with a large amount of space.

I started by finding some left over money to buy bean bags, end tables and a couple of rugs.  My thought, put a little effort in to make it comfortable. I made a small sitting area near the circ desk that was a hit immedaitely.  I decided getting a small area started and then progress to more demo later was key to success.

After the year started, I went on a rampage with shelving.  I brought the husband's drill (sorry, I broke some bits, dear) and took apart my particle board shelving and relocated it to a more uniform location.  No more hidden corners in my library.   I redid the layout of the fiction section, weeded a lot and mingled reference books into non fiction. (I had some thousand dollar sets of books that had never been cracked because they couldn't be checked out.

I spent the first year moving shelves, weeding books and formatting the layout to where I was a little happier. (I still dream of short shelves that I can see over and not the floor to ceiling shelving of years past.) I have moved a lot of things around.  This was just the beginning.   Wait til you see what I did next....


  1. As you are a willing participant in this process, as an administrator I have a question: How would you suggest convincing an less eager participant on big change in the library?

    ** I am excited to see what comes next!

  2. Not sure how to answer that one. Offering help, ideas, school visits where the library has been transformed from a place to go get a book to a place to socialize and utilize. My predecessor had 23 years in the library. My takeover was an overwhelming task for me and others, but I got a lot of volunteers when I shared with them my plans and ideas. The admin was on board, so were the kids. I wish you luck!


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