Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Alternatives to PowerPoint pt. 3

I have been spending a little time talking about other options teachers can use to replace PowerPoint.  Sometimes, students can't afford the software and other times, finding something new makes the classroom have a different feel.

I am all for options.  I feel allowing kids to choose which project platform they want makes the student have more ownership of the project.  If they can choose some of the final outcome, they often spend more time and fare better in the long run. I want to talk today about a platform many already know: Prezi.

Prezi is a great free tool to use in place of a PowerPoint.  Kids often like it, they like the animation, the ability to embed video and text and the way the final presentation comes out.  Prezi is easy and it looks clean and professional so the final outcome can be very well presented.

Students can share the link of the final project with their teacher.  I like the different forms of thngs that can be embedded as well.  Students can make a very outstanding presentation with prezi.  Using it from time to time instead of a PowerPoint makes it a change of pace.  Offering as an option for students to use also makes it a great tool.

As I said before, I am all for options.   If a teacher requires students to do a presentation but offers a list of tools, students will find the one they like the best and the one that works best for them.  It offers a change for the kids and the teacher.

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