Tuesday, June 11, 2013

EduTecher to find and save web 2.0 tools

As many of you know, I am quite a researcher and I spend a lot of my time searching out tech tools to benefit my colleagues and my students.  Sometimes, I get overwhelmed and can’t remember what I have looked at and evaluated. Sometimes, I find a cool tool and forget about it a few months later and don’t remember what it is.  I shared, a few posts back my process for finding and blogging about tools and I want to share a little more today about what I use to find my information.

I was listening to a SimpleK12 webinar a few weeks back and the presenter mentioned EduTecher as a tool she refers to often.  I had created an account a year or so back but hadn’t spent a lot of time using the site.  I decided to spend a little time investigating it and learning about it and sharing with my readers.
EduTecher is a virtual backpack were you can visually store sites you use.  There is a small icon called an educlipper that can be added to your browser and you can use it to add pages to your backpack.   Think of it like Pinterest but solely for education. The site has also gone into the app market so you can add it to your Apple or Android based device.  

You can also add contacts to your account and share your backpack with others. There are tons and tons of tools there to sift through and add to your backpack to try as well.  I love the enormous amount of tools to look through. There is definitely something for everyone.  The one complaint I have is that some of the links are out of date and no longer available, but, with the large number of other sites, that little glitch is tolerable.

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