Friday, June 14, 2013

Have you seen learnist?

Do you use Pinterest to save things for your classroom or school? Have I got something for you.  Learnist.  I stumbled across this awhile back while it was in beta and put my name in to join.  I got in a few weeks back and now, I am truly appreciating the site.

Learnist, like Pinterest allows users to save visual links into boards, the catch, however about Learnist, it is educationally based.  You won't find fashion, funky images of grumpy cat or pictures of tattoos.  It is solely for education so your boards are related to content specific things.  The boards are categorized by subject and then there are potentially subcategories.  For example: If you select Humanities, it opens up History and you pick which form of history.  It is actually very detailed and organized and I don't think it takes as much bandwidth to run.

I mentioned in an earlier post that I wanted to clean up my Pinterest boards and actually refer to some of the many pins I have made.  I am thinking I may move some of the school related pins to Learnist.  I can put a board together for Web 2.0, a board for library media, a board for bulletin boards.  It even allows you to put video. Love it.

One thing I have noticed is the order of files.  It marks them and puts them in order added so if you have saved them so you might see a long trail of links and visuals, which could be a bit overwhelming.  I recommend looking at it and trying to get an idea of how it works. I think it could benefit a lot of educators.

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