Friday, February 14, 2014

Revamping space in the library

I am one who rethinks about space a lot.  I spend a little time now and then looking at the library commons I manage and try to figure out what would be the best way to manage the space, especially on the limited budget I have.   I started a coffee shoppe last year and that has brought in a little income that I can use for my space, but not enough.  At this current moment, my library space is merely a book search area.  I want to change it to more of a tech hub/ nook/ reading space.  I want kids to come in and find a spot to relax and get comfortable.  I want to get new shelving so we can provide the students more open areas and we have more visibility.

I have started my process by watching sales and the internet.  I was lucky with one acquisition. The local library where I live was having a garage sale and I was the first to respond.  I got these great work chairs where kids can sit and work on the computer at the same time.  Things like that help me make the space where I work better for the kids.  They come in, find a spot, sit and work.

This summer, we are even going farther. Our custodial manager is also a master carpenter and we have asked him to build us some reading nooks.  Our library is loaded with windows, and the way we moved our shelves to out exterior walls allow for little window seats.  We are so excited to see that and the kids are too (mostly so they can text and read a book).

We are diligently working on a few grants too that might get us some money to buy shelving.  If we get that, the space we have will look like a totally new library.

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