Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Snowed in and out of ideas

Usually, I set a goal to write two times a week about something tech related.  I have been snowed in so much lately that I can't try tools and see how they work with my students.  I am stuck at home with the computer and Netflix and not much of a chance to experiment before I share.

We are out again, our 12th day since Christmas break ended.  Probably going to miss the rest of the week. It has been absurd to say the least, and it has made me so behind that I can't keep up with my blog and my school work.  I am hoping I can spend a little time today while I am drifted in to reflect on a few things I have come across of late.

I have been spending most of my free time at school working with our video for the Follett Challenge.  I had to learn how to use Camtasia, I figured I may as well.  The school bought it for me, so I might as well try to use it.   I really like the software and I think it so easy to work with.  I have spent a really long time assembling a video.  I think what we have is going to be awesome and hopefully, fingers crossed, we can win some money.   Our library is such an antiquated mess. My shelving dates back to the 60s, it is all high and double sided.  I would like to win enough to replace what I have and add exterior wall shelving around the entire library and try to do away with as much shelving in the middle.  I would like to make reading spaces and work zones.  I would like to start weeding out more of our nonfiction, some of it is so old and unused. I would like to revamp the coffee shop as well.  A gal can dream, right?

So, that is what has taken me away from my blog- working on grants and contests.  Hopefully, I can start spending more time doing some research and get back to blogging.

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