Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Student accountability in the library

I have been pulling my hair trying to get ideas in place that would make a student's visit to the library accountable for what they are doing.   I have a lot of kids who sneak by the circ counter and make their way to the back to the corner.  A lot of them are here to find books, research materials and the like, but a few of them are here to meet a friend and play games.

I have no problem with these concepts, but, I need to keep track of data about their visits, so I started collecting information during sign-in that tells me a lot of information about the kids and their visit.

I started with a google form that each student is required to fill in either with an iPad or on a computer. The form identifies the class period, teacher, student and purpose for the visit.  I can take the information collected and determine the purpose for visits.  Some kids, I am learning, have no purpose. They are here to just hang out or their teacher sends them here for no reason. The google form has helped me a lot with identifying the reasons kids are here and what teacher has sent them. It has helped me get a grasp on the purpose of the library.

It has been a true lifesaver for me.

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