Friday, February 22, 2013

A few places to look for web 2.0 tools

I was fortunate enough to have a snow day today so I spent a little time doing some research on web 2.0 tools.   I came across a site called effective web 2.0 tools for the classroom.  The creator of the site had a slew of links and such well organized into types.  I spent some time clicking around and found several sites I have never seen to test for future posts. I bet there are a hundred or more tools to refer to.  I was in tech guru heaven!  He had a few very good links available that led me to some great tools.

I was pleased that the author has recently updated the site.  One of the first links he had was to an online tools index labeled by images called Go2Web20.  I have never seen this site, and I had to add it immediately to my pocket bookmark.  I loved, loved, loved both of the sites. I liked Go2Web20 because I have seen people use a tool at a conference and not known what they were using.  This site lets me see a visual of the site and sometimes, I can remember it. I am definitely going to keep this one in my tech guru trick book.

He also had a link to a site called ICT Tools and Resources for Schools, Teachers and Educators.  This site is set up like a graphic organizer.  It has links pulling out of specific topics. There were lots of topics to explore and there were also some feature tools. I liked the visual aspect of this site.  It seems easy to refer to and I added it as well to my pocket.

Another site he added was a Directory of Web 2.0 tools from Center For Learning  It isn't as much of a visual site but, it is loaded with links.   The links are organized by type (Social Media, Blogging, Productivity tools, just to make a few.)  There are a lot of options for the tech person to use.

I hope someone can benefit from at least one of these tools.  All four are going to help you find something to use in your classroom or at school.

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