Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Read it later is new and improved pocket

When I decided to blog a few times a week last summer, my plan was to work ahead and get posts done in advance.  Let me tell you, it worked well for a while, but now I feel as if I can't even get caught up on my daily tasks much less my blog, so, pardon me if I am behind.  Real life is catching up with me faster than I expected!

With all of that in mind, I want to talk about Pocket.   Not sure how many people have heard of this one, but I came across it at a webinar and I really liked how it worked.  It used to be a site called readitlater, but it has been reformatted and made to be better. Pocket works like diigo and delicious but it produces a much more visual bookmark.  Think of it as a more organized pinterest.

I crossed over to the android side a few weeks ago and got a galaxy note 2.  Pocket is an app I use frequently on my phone.  My district has blocked pinterest because it is an everlasting website and the information is using up so much bandwidth that we can't manage everything we need.   I started pinning pages on my phone and then send them to pocket if I think I would use it at school.  I have found so many fantastic pages that I can see being useful in the library but I  can't track them during the day.  The end result of my saves leaves me a very nice visual of the pages I have saved so I can refer to them later.    It allows you to tag the pages so you can linkk them together.

I showed pocket to a colleague who is also blocked from pinterest at work and she was so excited.  She added the app to her device and immediately went to town transferring her pins to the page.

I am really pleased with how well pocket works.  Will I use it to replace diigo? Nope, probably not, but I will use it as a tool to move items from pinterest to work.

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