Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Some more about our genre section

So as my aid and I walked around the media center the other day to talk about how we can do a better layout to better serve our students we discovered even another obstacle, idea, etc. to add to the to do list.  Our historical  fiction section needs to be reorganized.  We have a slew of Historical Fiction books but they range from a lot eras so, we decided to historify (I just made up a word) our Historical materials.   We are labeling them by era.   Each book will have a tag that relates to a specific era.  We decided if we trained our patrons to look for a color specific tag, they will know items that relate to one another. We decided we will do this with both historical fiction as well as non fiction. That way, patrons can locate books that relate.

Our idea for this is a little out there, but so is our entire process of making the library a better place.  We feel that patrons will find more materials of interest for both research and pleasure if the items are better organized.  Color coding was our method of choice. We are going to work this into our historical fiction section now, but as time moves on, we may decide to add labels to items in some of our other genre sections.

Hopefully, our time and effort will make this library a place where people can come in and find exactly what they are looking for faster.

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