Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Try Wufoo for forms

I was reading someone's feed one day when I saw a link to a site called Wufoo.  The name alone intrigued me but I decided to check it out.

Wufoo is a form builder that allows you to create three free forms/ surveys a month.  It is a limited amount of forms and access for free, but it can be used from time to time.

I like how the form manager on the site allows you to see analytics and change the look and feel of the form. I use google docs a lot to make forms, but this program is a change in scenery. It was pretty easy to use and I can see myself using it in the school library to generate ideas for programming and book clubs. You can set it to do a lot of different things, such as notify, generate data, etc.   I like that component.

I have always loved using google forms, but this is something fresh and new. I am always game to a change! It's easy, it's free (limited of course) and it makes the form look different than what one is used to. It has a very nice, detailed help page that outlines all of the components and how to make it work.

Another neat component, you can add users!  So you can work collaboratively with a partner or a colleague to develop surveys for the classroom (or department, library, office, etc.)

Check it out.  It is easy and different.

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