Friday, August 16, 2013

An update on my library

In February of 2012, I started shifting the library from a traditional, Dewey Centered system to a more genre specific place.  After three semesters of research, one box of labels and a lot of tape, we are done.  We now have categories with the Dewey built in. Each fiction book has been placed in a genre section, categorized in our system with all of the other categories the titles fit into included. (We discovered some books covered many categories, but there was always just one that fit best, so we placed it there and then tagged other categories as well.)

For our non fiction books, each has a specific category label with a letter tag.  We sort them by their old fashioned Dewey number or alphabetically, depending on the category. (Geography, for example is sorted alphabetically by country instead of Dewey- mainly because a lot of our Dewey tags were all over the planet and didn't make sense.)  We also redid the layout of the library to assure more visibility and provide students more spaces to work, socialize, and research.

We moved a lot of furniture.  I spent several extra days in this summer shifting shelving units and carts of books.  Thank goodness we had a few rainy days and the college boy hired to mow was stuck inside, as he was my knight in shining armor, moving books, cases, and shelves from one spot to the next.

I reorganized tables so we have small learning pods now where kids can work together in small groups.  I still have my information areas as well.  Two televisions (which I won with a grant) play all day in areas where kids sit and hang out. We have our coffee shop running daily from 7:30-2 serving drinks and snacks.  Kids come in, buy a drink and lounge in our social zone or at a table where they can work and drink drinks.

We are a 1:1 school, but I placed a few desktop computers in random spots so kids can do work.  I envision a book trailer challenge happening or booktalk videos. I want the space to be for the kids.  I want the kids to come to the library and enjoy their time and not feel like it is a chore to be there.  I want the library to be the center of the school, as it should be!

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