Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Graphite for Product Reviews

Last summer, I subscribed to Common Sense Media to get an idea of sites that are acceptable to my child's age level. Last week, I received an email from a site called graphite which reviews web 2.0 tools to determine if they are age appropriate and if they are really the best products out there.  It's a review site.  I think I have found something I am going to start referring to.  I actually sent the link to a few friends because I thought it could benefit them.

Graphite is divided into both age groups and content areas.  One can search a lot of criteria to find everything from apps to PC programs and games that are student appropriate.  I found three sites immediately I have never seen that were relevant to my content area and my goals. I love how it allows you to search FREE, FREE TO TRY and PAID apps.  It covers everyone that way.  Some teachers are willing to shell out some money for apps, I believe if I can't work with the free stuff, then there is a problem.  Graphite shares with teachers information about all of the payment forms available.

I added graphite to my pocket immediately because I find a lot of worth in the things Common Sense Media is doing.  The focus of the organization is to promote sites, movies, TV shows and games (etc., etc.) that are appropriate for kids. As a mom of two, I appreciate it.  The program has guided me to deter from specific movies and games because of content.  The Graphite site does the same.  It promotes sites, games and apps that lack violence, sex, and language.  It filters everything into programming that is appropriate.  I appreciate that.

I also like the fact that graphite has developed a PLN.  You create an account and can find teachers with similar experiences as you.  I love it!

I suggest you take a look.  There really are a lot of great sites listed here and the method they are presented is really easy and user friendly.

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