Friday, August 2, 2013

Get Organized Pt. 5: SpicyNodes

Have you ever heard of Popplet?  I have had my students use it to organize presentations.  I have come across a similar tool that does very similar things, and it's been accepted by the AASL as one of the top 25 web 2.0 tools.  It's Spicy Nodes.

Spicy \Nodes allows you to create a web map to develop your outline or thought process before you create your project.  One of the main differences I have noticed between Popplet and SpicyNodes is the outline format. You create the specifics of your bubble before it develops into a web map. It reminds me a little of the outline tool in a PowerPoint.

One of the things I like to see as a teacher is the information coming before the decorations.  With an outline format of a web map, like SpiceNodes does, the students can input all of their information before they put in their graphics and make the final project fancy.  It keeps them on task and makes them focus on facts before fancy.

To see how simple it was, I created a sample SpicyNodes with video links.  It took me three minutes to input the links and this was my result:

This site is really cool and it could really be used well to do a student PBL project.  There are a lot of options to link files and facts together.  I am thinking my French two class will use it at least once in the first semester to make a small personal video project where they record things that are important to them. My sample here has just videos, but, you can also add a description.  This can incorporate both writing and speaking.   I am really excited to have my kids try this!

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