Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Free PDF Converter

Last summer, I received a comment on my post to check out this free site that converts documents from PDF to PowerPoint or Doc with just a quick upload and email.  I saved the information until I was ready to delve into it and now is that time. Here is where you can find Free PDF to PowerPoint Converter

I really didn't think how often something like this could be used until I checked out the site.  I never thought about how functional it would be.  I get PDFs to refer to all of the time.  Sometimes, my coworkers send out a PDF that needs edited.  I have to usually retype the document to make it work.  Not anymore.  With this site, I simply upload the PDF to their site, add my email and it arrives to me as a doc or ppt file.  Simple as that.  And, as the name says, it is FREE!  That is even better.  One glitch I came across, you can't upload a file that was scanned.  It has to be a document that was created as a PDF originally. (Ex: someone made a file in Word and saved it as a PDF, etc.)

I can see this being used when the principal sends out PD notes and they need to have notations, or when a document you use regularly from a PDF needs to be edited for a new group of students or a new teacher.  What an easy way to edit something.  Glad I saved the message from so long ago about this.  I think it will really save on time for everyone.

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